The Method

About Haya to-be

About Haya “to be” Hydrosols and skin care.

Haya started with a passion to create a product that is
not just close to nature but in a sense “within” nature.
At one with nature and in resonance with nature.

This passion for oneness with nature, is something that
drives every step of our production process, our business
strategy, and our vision.

The first step is to source organic good quality plants
from our own farm or local farmers.
Most of our Aloe Arborescens have been sustainably
harvested from their natural environment, or small scale
Since South Africa is abundant in this well-known
“Krantz” aloe and many grow wild, we can create local
farming opportunities where we are able to truly harvest
a wild organic plant sustainably.
We are considerate not to harm the plants’ natural
production capabilities by over harvesting and harvesting
by hand not to harm the natural environment and eco
This ensures sustainable sourcing and farmer support.

Our other focus plants are the well known Margaret
Roberts Lavender and Rosemary.

Any farmers that want to become suppliers of organic
Aloe Arborescens, Margaret Roberts lavender, rosemary,
lemons or any other herbal/medicinal plants to take part
in our “organic harvest” can send an email to

The second step is to transform these wonderful organic
plants from their physical matter to a liquid form.
We do this through an ancient but well-known process
called copper distilling.

The process of copper distilling plants to extract their
“essence”, their most valuable components, has been
done for thousands of years.

HAYA “to be” specifically uses copper alembic stills. The
alembic still has been used for centuries to extract
valuable components from plants. It is truly an art form
that definitely contributes to the “oneness” we strive for.
From the preparation of the freshly harvested plants, and

the heating of the copper. Feeling the copper and
listening to it sing.
The pure essence that comes after hours of a
relationship between the still and the caretaker is
mesmerizing every single time.

Many factors contribute to make the highest quality
essential water known as hydrosol.
This type of intimacy put into the creation of a product is
seen in the value it adds.

Copper is known for its purification properties.
In many cultures it is a custom to leave water overnight
in a copper vessel, and to drink this pure water the next
Copper removes bacteria, and any volatile sulphur

In this step, extra care is taken to ensure that no wind
carried spores or bacteria come in contact with the
hydrosol. All openings are covered.
The hydrosol is immediately stored in glass containers.
These containers are properly sterilized, sanitized and re-

The final step is to use this essential water as a
foundation for our skin care range and make a truly
unique product inspired by the essence of nature.

Benefits of all the oils we use

Sweet  Almond Oil

Packed with antioxidant and fatty acids, leaving your skin radiant and glowing.

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Combats acne breakouts, and helps to keep skin hydrated. It also helps to stimulate the production of new cells helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Keeping skin firm and healthy.

Vitamin D

Sunshine vitamin, which can help to fight bacterial growth.

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant that helps build up your skins natural protection barrier that protects against free radicals.

Vitamin K

Promotes healing.


Such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Omega fatty acids

Helps skin to naturally restore collagen and elasticity.

Age Defying

Contains up to 30% linoleic acid, an omega 6 fatty acid that helps with moisture retention.

All helps to decrease the appearance of a naturally aging skin.


Soya oil

Vitamin E

Vitamin B

Omega fatty acids


Copper, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus and potassium.



Key Values


We strive to keep our products pure to nature


We take the utmost care to make sure our products are the best quality possible.


We deeply care about the environment, nature and the wellness of your skin


We only use the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients


We only use natural ingredients and methods to create our luxury lines

The Inspiration

All about the creator

I have always had an interest in natural remedies for
health and beauty.
Only after I started HAYA “to be” I discovered  this
passion was something me and my late Grandmother
This just motivates me more to create something
unique and make it available for others.
Early in my 20’s I started to put together a few natural
products to make scrubs and washes. But life happened
and soon we were blessed with family.
My interest for conjuring up my own skincare products
faded slightly.
About 10 years and three little ones later, this interest
flared up again when someone introduced me to
essential oils.
I soon found myself researching how to make essential
oils and discovered the wonderful properties of
essential waters “hydrosol”.

Hydrosol is normally only a by-product when distilling
plants for their oils.
However, when you distil, purposefully, to make
hydrosol as the main product, it truly captures the
essence of a plant.
This wonderful water has so many applications and
Many of these benefits have been lost to us, since the
rise of modern cosmetics and science.
Hydrosol has only returned in relevance for a few years
This is where I decided that there is so much more to
essential waters. I want to apply essential waters as the
main ingredient in my own skincare range.

An easy to follow routine:
I am a mom of three and I know time spent in the
bathroom to treat yourself is almost non existent.
I know it should’t be this way and we must make time
for ourselves.
To Be honest, I only had time to wash and then maybe
only one more thing: Either a; Cream, toner or serum…

Laughing now, this is what still drives me to create that
all-in-one product.
I believe there are so many women/men out there that
want an easy-to-follow skincare range.
My goal wasn’t to be the woman with the most
beautiful skin in the world.
It was “to be” myself with the most healthy skin for me.
With the scars life has given, our skin tells a story.
I just wanted to give my skin, from a natural source, the
food it needed to be healthy.
I already know being me and loving myself just as I am,
is more valuable than having perfect skin.
I am happy to say that the dream of having healthy skin,
with an easy-to-follow routine, is becoming a reality.
Now, my mission is to make this a reality for others too.
All my products are made with organic/100% natural
It is a very costly process to be certified organic, but this
is definitely the goal.